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Kokanee Creek Crew, Fireweed, Harebells and Dippers

June 27, 2013

I am working at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park this summer as the naturalist. Of course I started a blog!!! I will be very busy this summer but I hope to keep up both blogs. Take a look at what I find and what I am doing in the park this summer. Enjoy!

Kokanee Creek Park Naturalist Notebook

Today I met the rest of the Kokanee Creek Visitor Centre’s crew – and so it all begins! Oso Negro Coffee blends “In the Park” coffee for the Kokanee Creek Visitor’s Centre – a great brew. I learned how to brew the coffee, pop the popcorn and operate the cash register – all handy skills to have!

I continued walking the trails and discovering the life in Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. A Dipper greeted us at the spawning channel and several beautiful plants. The sun greeted us – even as the rain fell. It is supposed to go up to 35 tomorrow – just in time for the opening of the Visitor’s Centre on Saturday!

all photos by Joanne Siderius

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