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Cougar Tracks

January 22, 2017

Winter nights are long and dark – and home to mountain lions. But despite numerous cougar tracks in the snow, my trail cameras have managed to capture only the tip of a tail and a shadowy cougar shape moving through the dark. Unlike cougars (also known as mountain lions), trail cameras do not operate well in below zero weather. I do hope to see a cougar – at a distance and perhaps sleeping and unaware of me.  I confess to checking over my shoulder carefully when I find cougar tracks. It is probably best to respect large predators!

I am posting  videos of a cougar family video captured this summer and fall.  Perhaps one or two of these animals have left the tracks I see now as they hunt deer, turkeys and hares in the night.

all videos, writing and photos copyright J.A. Siderius 2017. Visit me at “Siderius Wild” on Youtube and at

  1. Hoda permalink

    This is perfect.
    Thank you so much.

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