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Wren Tail

May 15, 2016

Winter Wrens have very distinctive, very erect tails.   Fledgling winter wrens, unlike the adults, have no tails yet.  They do have bright yellow gapes to attract attention when they call for food..  I came across a wren family  and the adult wren was rapidly wagging it’s upright tail and “churring” while it “danced”.   I saw the family the next day and the parent was displaying just as vigorously but this time the young were much more active and moved further into the brush.

Now I know that wrens will use that amazing tail in a display to communicate with their young: Get over here and hide!!!  Or maybe she was trying to distract me.  Or both?

The wrens  will probably nest again this season.  Life as a wren is nothing if not busy.


all photos copyright J.A. Siderius 2016.  Visit me at to order photos.

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