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Spring Inklings

March 21, 2017


The spring equinox is here at last! After weeks of snow and then rain (and more snow) it was glorious to perch on a log and let the sun warm my face for a few brief minutes. Spring is still just an inkling though: there is knee-deep snow lingering in places.  But the robins are flocking in; the varied thrushes are singing; the geese are paired up and quarreling out on the lake and the Steller’s Jays are scrabbling for food in the few patches of grass. I saw a snowshoe hare the other day – still white as the snow that lies everywhere in its patch of forest. But soon the hares will turn brown and flocks of birds will come home. These first spring inklings whisper a promise: the  world will soon erupt into a riot of spring green and bird song.  Soon!


  1. sharron permalink

    Just to say again, you take some amazing photos – thanks again.

  2. Hoda permalink

    Thank You.

  3. Dawne Garnett permalink

    wonderful going’s on out there Joanne…thanks for the update!

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