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November 19, 2016

This past week I saw a white snowshoe hare crouched among some dead leaves. The photo is deceiving – it looks like the hare’s white coat stood out brilliantly against the dead vegetation.  But in reality, crouched as motionless as it was, the hare looked like just another patch of white against a brown hillside littered with dead birch logs. I stood looking at the hillside quiet a while before I saw the hare.  The video shows how much a white hare stands out at night in the light of the camera and how it looks it’s brown spring pelt.

On a rainy cold November day, I often wish winter would just get on with it – bring on the snow, the cold and the blue skies.  But I imagine the hare may be even happier when it snows.  In the meantime, it can rely on dead birch logs to help it hide – at least against human eyes!

all photos, videos and writing copyright Joanne Siderius, 2016.  Visit me at to see more photos, and “Siderius Wild” on You Tube to see more wildlife videos.

  1. Susie Hammond permalink

    We’ve been enjoying watching a snowshoe hare on our daily walk down by the river. He has a nice hiding spot in the base of a tree. His ears are still brown. We saw him several times in early fall when he was still brown all over. Such a privilege.

  2. sharron permalink

    I love your posts – you are an amazing photographer and dedicated to our wildlife. I wish I lived closer so I could follow you seeing these amazing animals.

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