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Serendipity: Coyote and Otter

June 13, 2013

Serendipity. As much as I like the sound of the word, I like the idea of serendipity even more. Anticipation of an unexpected but amazing moment or of stepping ever so briefly into another world – all of these make each new day a bright promise.

I had one of those days last Sunday. I was sitting on a rock trying to be patient and very still so that the turtles would climb back onto their sunning rock. Then I saw a wake approaching the lone turtle on the rock. I assumed it was the muskrat. There was a huge, loud splash – the turtle dove and an otter was left poking around on the rock. The otter found no turtle and climbed up the rocks to cross to the next pond. The whole incident was over in one or two minutes, but it certainly was one of those serendipitous moments. I included the photo, as unimpressive as it is, because it reminds me of that moment. I included a photo of an otter I took a couple of years ago too. I really hope I see more otters. I don’t really care that the photos will never make National Geographic – the memories are better.

Otter checking for more turtles?

Otter checking for more turtles?  The photo is not great, but the moment was great!

Otter eating fish

Otter eating fish

Earlier that same Sunday, I was driving when I spotted a big, bushy Coyote hunting ground squirrels near the road – oblivious to the traffic. To be accurate, I heard the ground squirrels squeaking before I saw the Coyote. I managed to get the car turned around and watch him for a moment or so before he trotted further away.

Sometimes I head out in the morning hoping to have one kind of day – and then something unexpected and wonderful happens. But I have to be ready to see beyond my plans and expectations, or serendipity might just pass me by. And I need more serendipity in my life. We all do.

Leave? or keep hunting ground squirrels?

Leave? or keep hunting ground squirrels?

All photos and writing copyright Joanne Siderius

  1. Wow! Awesome shot of the coyote!

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