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Canada Day, Jerry’s Rangers and a Dipper Nest

July 2, 2013

Happy Canada Day! And take a look at the Dipper’s nest!

Kokanee Creek Park Naturalist Notebook

It was Canada Day at the Visitors Centre and the ice cream wagon was sent out on its inaugural journey. Yes, you may hear an ice cream wagon at the park this summer!

Kokanee Salmon are the iconic animal at Kokanee Creek Park, but the Dipper is a fascinating year-round resident at the park. I have included a photo of a Dipper poking its head in the nest, and two photos of the parents foraging in the whitewater of the creek. It is a beautiful little nest that is made of moss. It is located right above the creek and benefits from the protection of the creek (it is not easy to see how anything could get to this nest) and the moderating influence of the cold creek on these hot days.

It was also the first day of Jerry’s Rangers and 12 kids turned up to take learn about…

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