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Spring Babies

May 29, 2015

Spring leaves us so quickly! The cherry trees are growing little green cherries already and the lilacs have finished their glorious flowering. And babies! Bear sows and their cubs are in a continual search for food. The Canada Geese, Winter Wrens, Robins and Dippers have fledged young already and may nest again this year. Other birds, like the Eastern Kingbirds and Cedar Waxwings have only recently arrived back home and will be feeding their single broods into July.

All these young are intent on finding as much food as possible – whether it is dippers and wrens pestering their parents for more food, or goslings and bear cubs finding their own food while keeping up with the family. I hope you enjoy this video of a tiny spring gosling drama from Kokanee Creek Provincial Park and the photos of my recent encounters with spring babies.

I wish these fellow spring babies all the luck they need this summer – and on into adulthood.

All photos, videos and writing copyright J.A. Siderius 2015. Please ask before using these photos. You can find more of my photos at

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