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The Further Adventures of the Brown Sow and Her Cubs

July 3, 2014

My wildlife cam captured these few moments in the life of a black bear family. The two black bear cubs are exploring their world – climbing trees, finding “bugs” under logs and trying out the food their mother eats. They will learn to know their world intimately and rely on their mother to protect them until they are able to survive on their own. In the meantime, like all youngsters, they are learning and growing at an incredible rate. I hope they find lots of huckleberries this summer!

all videos, writing and photos copyright J.A. Siderius, 2014. If you want to use them, just ask.

  1. You have some wonderful wildlife in your neck of the woods and I really enjoy your posts – Colin 🙂

  2. gregjoder permalink

    Great video! Those cubs are too cute…

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