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Black Bear Cubs and the Bear Rub Tree

June 25, 2014

Remember the bear rub tree and all the bears that visited?  Well, what do cubs do when near a bear rub tree?  I was very excited to see two new cubs with the brown coloured black bear sow.  One of the cubs actually rubs against the tree like the first bear shown using the tree.  A very popular tree!  And Mom?  She just keeps on feeding on the vegetation.  She has a lot of weight to put on and two cubs to suckle.

The video shows the original bear rub tree video and then shows what happens when the sow and her two cubs turned up lately.

These cubs and sow are not “getting into trouble” over garbage, chickens or fruit. I hope people keep it that way.


all photos, videos and writing copyright J.A. Siderius. Just ask if you want to use them.

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