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Spring Stirrings and Bald Eagles

March 8, 2014

I heard a Varied Thrush whistle this morning. The Song Sparrows have been singing for a week and there is a Junco feeding on the patch of bare grass in my yard. Earlier this week a pair of Bald Eagles spent the morning perched together calling and later one of the birds flew over the lake with a stick.

Bald Eagle

One of a Bald Eagle pair

Bald Eagle

The other Bald Eagle of the pair – thinking of nesting?

Spring is officially only two weeks away but there have been subtle stirrings for a while now. I love this season when we start to turn the corner to greener times, but without winter there would be no spring stirrings.

The world is still dominated by snow, but the grass patches are growing larger by the day. Am I too eager to welcome another spring? It is never to early to welcome spring!

all photos and writing copyright J.A. Siderius 2014.

  1. Dale permalink

    Ok, colour me curious! You have posted several pictures that have an ‘almost’ white background. How did you do that?? Btw, lovely pictures and you are so lucky so see such magnificent birds!

    • Thank you Dale- I am not an expert at this (thank heavens for digital cameras!) but I use “spot metering” so that the camera takes the picture using the light reading from the object, not the overall picture. And, I adjust the camera to “over expose” if it is a cloudy day, if I am shooting white objects or in snow. So the back ground comes often comes out white. If it is a glorious day with a bright blue sky the back ground turns out blue. You can adjust these things a bit later if you shoot RAW and then adjust the picture using a “photo shop” program. I use an Olympus camera and the Olympus program usually is all I need. I hope that helps.

  2. aduff68 permalink

    i am really enjoying your photographs Joanne..and it’s really nice to know the names of the birds that make their homes here where I live! I’ve noticed the pairings at my feeder as well. It’s definitely Spring in the air, as I’ve noticed it with the crows as well, with their aerial displays. Anyway, it sure is nice to have you for a neighbor, and Max too! You inspire me! Your photographs inspire! They are so wonderful!

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