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A Biologist in the Kootenays

a curious ermine

a curious ermine

Why a blog?  A friend commented: “you should share all those photos you have on your computer.”  And I certainly can  have a lot to say!

My blog title identifies me as a biologist – and I have worked hard and long for that distinction. And I do live in the Kootenays – my choices have brought me here and I have stayed here by choice. But I am a product of my history as well as my choices.

I was born in a quiet Ontario back water in an era of political turmoil. I was born a girl in a time of limited choices for women – and in an era when women of my generation would explode into the world as a political and social force. And I was born into a world of natural beauty – in an era when the words “ecology” and “pollution” became household worlds much as “climate change” and “sustainable” have become today. I was born in a time when women often did not finish high school, let alone earn a Ph.D.- but I earned my own way every step of the way and those choices too colour my perspective, my thoughts and my writing.

I have met incredible people, made wonderful lifelong friends and been fortunate to have mentors who gave me a step up – and these people warm my thoughts and flavour my writing. I was born curious into an incredible diversity of plants, animals, stars and questions. Every morning brings a new day and an opportunity to venture out to explore that world.

A friend suggested calling this “Jo’s Blog”. Well, it has indeed turned out to be Jo’s Blog: a place where I share my thoughts, photos and wildlife videos. I share my favourite photos on . I hope you enjoy both sites.

All photos, videos and writing on this blog copyright Joanne Siderius 2015.

  1. Stunning pictures! 🙂

  2. Awesome photography, Joanne! Looking forward to going through your blog. Thank you for sharing them – Leslie

  3. Marilyn Hoxie permalink

    Leslie suggested I take a gander! Continue on sharing your love and gifts!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my pictures, you have some great pictures on here 🙂

  5. m from winlaw permalink


    Your photos are magical and your poetry too. Love your blog and will pass it on to friends.


  6. Kathi Knapik permalink

    Joanne, these photos are fabulous! Thanks for sharing them with our Biology and Art students at Mt. Sentinel.

  7. sandra permalink

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and what inspires you!

  8. Paul Prappas permalink

    Enjoying the blog…

  9. Impressive photos and background! I’m captivated!

  10. Janet permalink

    Fabulous photos!!
    Thank you so
    Much for giving me this info

    Will hopefully progress on my plan to secure dog poop light digester

    Looking forward to walking with you again
    At dogwalk


  11. Thomas Newell permalink

    Thanks for the beautiful Christmas card Joanne. Very cute critter.

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