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Making Your Mark: A Kokanee Otter Family

August 14, 2014

Where has summer gone? I have so many photos, videos and thoughts to share and, it seems, no time to post them.

However, yesterday the Kokanee Salmon came back to the spawning channel at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park and (coincidentally?) one of my wildlife cameras captured a family of four otters as they marked the area in front of the camera. I have not seen otters in this area of the park since spring. I am hoping that this means I will see more of them (even if only in my camera).

I love otters and wish I saw more of them but seeing their tracks, scat and “video footprints” isn’t so bad I suppose.

Enjoy the video!

all photos, videos and writing copyright J.A. Siderius, 2014

  1. Susan Hammond permalink

    Wow! What special little animals, and so elusive.

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