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The Moose with the Goat Milk Mustache

June 2, 2014

Helen took on a big job when she accepted a newly born moose recently. He is the most ungaily young creature I have seen in a long time. Just watch him kick up those long legs!

Even more amazing – he can down a litre of goat’s milk in under a minute! Helen, who has tended orphaned wildlife for over 40 years (including grizzlies, black bears, moose, deer and other animals) is certainly kept busy feeding this hungry growing moose.

I do not usually use this blog to fund raise or advocate for a cause, but Helen has earned the respect of her community and people across the Kootenays – and feeding orphaned wildlife takes resources. I know that there are people watching the videos of this little moose and Helen who will want to send their well-wishes and donations. We need to respect Helen’s privacy (who, as you can see – is very, very busy). Please do not call or visit. You can, however, contact Pam Guille ( 250-551-0590 ). Pam will take your calls and give Helen your best wishes and donations.

In the meantime, the little moose will grow and move on and Helen will take in other orphans who need her help. I feel privileged to know Helen and I am very grateful that there are people like her in the world.

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  1. Laura Zondervan permalink

    I am also grateful for people like Helen. Thanks for sharing Jo!

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