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Welcome Home Violet-Greens!

March 27, 2014

This morning I heard a familiar call that I haven’t heard since last fall and when I looked up I saw two Violet-green Swallows doing swallow aerobatics. The two, a male and female, landed on the power line outside the house and then investigated the nest box on the house – the one that was used by Violet-green Swallows last year.

Seeing the first swallow of spring is a very special moment for me.  There are still patches of snow on the ground and a distinct chill in the air – but the swallows are back.  How can I not be optimistic and hopeful when I see and hear them for the first time? I hope they nest in one of my boxes again this year.  Welcome home!

Violet-Green Swallow Male

Violet-Green Swallow Male

Violet-Green Nestlings, 2013

Violet-Green Nestlings, 2013

all photos and writing J. Siderius, 2014

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