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Winter and White-tailed Deer

March 2, 2014

It is -11 Celsius outside. The North wind makes it feel much, much colder and the snow is piling up outside the door. And I am thinking of deer. What would it be like to huddle together in the trees, constantly looking for enough food – all the while listening and watching for the inevitable predator? Life is hard – and it is hardest in winter. Even long-legged deer can flounder in deep snow. Deer cannot always outrun the cougars, coyotes and dogs that run on the snow crust in pursuit.

A White-tailed Deer in a winter orchard

A White-tailed Deer leaping a fence

A White-tailed Deer leaping a fence

A White-tailed Deer print in snow

 White-tailed Deer prints in snow

The wind is still driving the snow across the fields as I write. I put on a thicker sweater, stoke the fire and wish the deer well out there in the winter snows.

all photos, videos and writing copyright J. A. Siderius 2014.

  1. Dale permalink

    I’ve been thinking the same thing lately – A deer’s life must be downright miserable in the winter months. It is-25C here this morning & we have had a constant cover of DEEP snow since mid November. The snow has been the light sugary type that keep the trails from packing down so, the deer have been up to their bellies in snow for months. Yesterday, while out snowshoeing, we passed a snow covered lump that looked suspiciously like a napping deer that just hadn’t woken up…..

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