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“Mushroom” Photos

January 5, 2014

The summer of 2013 was memorable for many reasons.  Among those reasons was a humungous number of hungry wasps everywhere and the amazing variety of fungi that emerged in the forests.

Here are some of the photos I took (as in the previous post, I have given only a general identification to each fungus).


Another Mycena Mushroom

Another Mycena Mushroom

Smelly Oyster?  Phylotopsis nidulans

Smelly Oyster? (Phylotopsis sp)

Orange Hydnellum?

Orange Hydnellum?

Branched Hericium (Hericium sp.)

Branched Hericium (Hericium sp.)

Orange Sponge Polyphore? Pycnoporellus sp.

Orange Sponge Polyphore? (Pycnoporellus sp.)

Snake or mushroom? Hydnum imbricatum

Snake or mushroom? (Hydnum sp.)  I actually saw a boy throwing a stone at this mushroom in the belief that it was a snake.

Gelatinous Mushroom  Dacrymyces palmatus

Gelatinous Mushroom (Dacrymyces sp.)

 Mycena galericulata

A tiny Mycena mushroom

all photos and writing copyright J.A. Siderius 2014

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