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Cladonia: a “Mystical” Lichen Forest

January 5, 2014

I love fantasy, mythical, mystical heroic adventures. So I hope you will forgive my fancying the Cladonia Lichen landscapes captured here as the stuff of myth and magic. The snail pictured here certainly perceived its landscape much as I perceive my local forest. Imagine being shrunk to size in this snail’s world among these lichens, mosses and mushrooms. The stuff of fancy indeed.

All imagination aside, these lichens have a major impact on the real world.  Some  lichens of this group are a major forage food for caribou and many other insects and animals. And they provide material for some nice photo opportunities, as I hope you will agree.

Snail in Cladonia Forest

A Snail in Cladonia Forest

Various Cladonia

Various Cladonia

Cladonia cornuta

Cladonia cornuta

Cladonia Lichen in moss, and with Mycid mushroom

Cladonia Lichen in moss, and with Mycenid mushroom

Cladonia chlorophaea

Cladonia chlorophaea in snow

Cladonia fimbriata

Cladonia fimbriata

Snail in Cladonia Lichen Forest

Snail working its way through a  Cladonia Lichen Forest

all writing and photos copyright Joanne Siderius 2014.

  1. Sandi permalink

    Absolutely stunning!

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