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The Bears are Out!

April 14, 2013

Max and I saw a black bear up a tree this afternoon. The black bear was still there when I made my way back home. It is now time for people to keep their garbage in. Garbage is bear food and bears are masters at finding and gaining access to food. Unfortunately, people don’t like having garbage strewn about, the door ripped off the shed or a bear in the house. We destroy bears that start to destroy property or come too close to people. Leaving garbage out is the same as baiting bears near and sometimes into our homes.

Bears are looking to fatten up after a long time in the den over winter. It will take this bear well into summer before he has regained his “normal” weight. It may take a sow with cubs even longer.

I really, really hope that the bear I saw this afternoon makes it through the summer and into hibernation this fall. But there is the evidence of old garbage “scores” by a bear in this bush – evidence that a bear had dragged garbage into the bush to eat it in past years.  And evidence that I have neighbours who are careless with their garbage.

I love spring. I admire and respect bears. Now it is my job to let people know how dangerous garbage is for bears.  And to convince people to think of the bears and manage their garbage.

Wish me luck. Better yet – keep your garbage in!

halfway up the tree

Halfway up the tree

awake and looking for food

Awake and looking for food

trusting his nose

Trusting his nose

figuring out what to do with his nose

Bears have an incredible sense of smell

all photos and writing copyright Joanne Siderius 2013.

  1. j valois permalink

    fantastic Jo

  2. You are absolutely right – keeping garbage where the bears cannot get access to it will help keep them from coming around people to get food and help to keep them safe. I stop feeding the birds in April because the sunflower seeds and suet also act as an attractant for bears.

    • Yes. I have a predator electric fence around the orchard with the bird feeders. I start it up early to discourage the bear from the feeders and later from my garden. Bears do indeed zone in on any food!

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