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Raven Prints and Jay Pics

January 18, 2013

What was this raven doing? There was a crust on the snow – breaking through would have been tough for a bird – even one as large as a raven. The wing prints were left in the dusting of snow on top before the snow hardened.

Raven tracks in the snow

Raven tracks in the snow

An elk had knocked down some mountain ash berries when it was feeding and the ravens were feeding on the fallen berries. But does that explain these prints? Who knows – but they pose an puzzle.

Raven tracks in the snow

Raven tracks in the snow

A Steller's Jay in the snow

A Steller’s Jay in the snow

A Steller's Jay checking things out

A Steller’s Jay checking things out

There were seven Steller’s Jays at my feeder yesterday. One of them “snuck in” ahead of the others and picked up the peanuts and took them away to store in various places. Eventually this bird started calling as the others turned up.

Steller's Jay

Steller’s Jay

Apparently birds that store food can find it again with no problem but I wonder how many shrubs and plants are the result of forgotten jay, crow, raven and other birds stashes?

All photos and writing copyright J.A.Siderius 2013.

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