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Winter Otters

Well, winter has well and truly set in. It is cold, there is snow and the sky, at the moment is a bright sunlit blue. But what do animals do in the frigid depths of a winter night? We left the wildlife cameras up at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park to see what turned up in the lens. Otters! The family of otters at the park has managed to show off for the camera on quite a few nights. This five minute video shows the otters eating, grooming, wrestling and…well, being otters.

I like visiting a small pond in Taghum. This pond is amazing in the number of wildlife sightings it has given me in the past few years. I got very, very lucky last week and watched two otters for about 20 minutes. The photos here are of those Taghum otters.

The new year is only a day or so away and I will consider it to be a great year if I get to see more otters.

Happy New Year!

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