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Snowy Day Thoughts

January 6, 2022

Snowy Day Thoughts

Old memories
 like wind-driven leaves
or snowflakes in a blizzard.

New thoughts
are my chosen companions
on adventures
born in wonder.
Morning carries me
curious towards
and the mysteries hidden
in flowers and dragonfly wings.

I am free.
of stardust,
sun spark
and a wisp of moon shadow.
Of hawthorn,
otter play,
and shards of ice.

Nature holds me,
her beloved child,
and shows me secrets
that will carry me home
borne on wings,
on gentle river eddies
and on the mists of dawn.

In joy and wonder.

photos and text copyright J. A. Siderius 2022

From → Poem

  1. graasslaady permalink

    What beautiful positive thoughts to start this New Year!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and your touching poetry.

  2. Arianna Murphy Steed permalink

    joanne this is so beautiful i love it!

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