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A Pup in the House

May 9, 2015

My life changed dramatically when I brought an eight week old Australian Shepherd home. Moxie, true to her breed, is smart, affectionate, stubborn, extraordinarily cute – and has the energy of at least two bloggers!

Through Moxie I have re-discovered: the patience needed to re-splice telephone wires and shoe laces; belly-laughs; the number of walks a day (and ball/squeaky toy chases) a puppy demands; the effectiveness of sharp, sharp puppy teeth; and the heart-winning trust in a pair of puppy eyes.

I invited a pup into my home. But it as it turns out that pup leapt enthusiastically into my heart. Welcome home Moxie.

all photos and writing copyright J.A. Siderius 2015.

  1. What a beauty !

  2. Sharron permalink

    Moxie is so cute

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