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Just Dippers

March 13, 2015

Because I like dippers – a gallery dedicated to some recent dipper photos. Enjoy!

all photos copyright J.A. Siderius 2015. Just ask and then credit me. Visit me at to see more of my photos.

  1. These must be fun to watch! I’ve never had the pleasure…thanks for sharing!

    • Dippers have made me laugh more than once. Even when they are not being “photogenic”, it is wonderful just sitting by the creek.

  2. Great shots of an amazing bird.

    • Thank you. Dippers are indeed amazing little birds!

      • We can spend hours watching those guys and are always amazed at their ability to forage in rough icy waters. Hope your weekend is great.

      • They are amazing – they dive headfirst into water that could sweep them away. Even just out of the nest they show no fear of rushing water. Have a great weekend yourself – I wish you much sun!

      • HI, wekend was indeed sunny and warm. Thanks and have a great week.

      • We got a lot of rain and then a dump of snow – all to be expected in March!

      • I hear you we got unseasonably warm weather which is also a hallmark of March.

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