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Kokanee Silence – and the Amazing Dippers

February 20, 2015

We all have special, even spiritual, places where we can go and come back home rejuvenated. Kokanee Creek is such a place for me. On winter week days, there are places at Kokanee where you can stand and hear – nothing. No traffic, no people – nothing. You can feel the wind, the sunshine or fog and watch the lake or creek but there is nothing you can identify as sound. But approach the creek itself and you can hear torrents of water and watch the eddies, ripples and rapids. You can also hear the dippers calling. If I were anthropomorphizing (and I, of course, would never do that!) I would say it sounds like the dippers are chuckling and singing to themselves – until another dipper appears and there is a cry of outrage and the chase is on!

I have sat for minutes at a time by the side of the creek watching and waiting for dippers to appear. Hearing only the roaring creek for a half hour is a profound experience – almost an assault of sound – that leaves me feeling quite at peace.

This morning was such a morning and I have returned not only refreshed – but marveling at the amazing dippers. I watched a dipper catch a minnow. That dipper spent quite some time knocking the fish about until choking it down. The dipper sat there for a while before starting a soft, chuckling song. All was well in the dipper’s world. And, thanks to Kokanee Creek and a small dipper, in mine as well.

all photos and writing copyright J.A. Siderius 2015. If you use any photos, please give me credit. Visit to see more photos.

  1. Great captures.

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