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Georgia on My Blog: Fleeting, Beautiful and Mysterious

April 21, 2014

I explored the nature of a small portion of Georgia for a week and I have shared my photos and impressions with you here. But, really, Georgia remains a beautiful but fleeting mystery. There is so much more to explore.

I am sharing these last few Georgian images. Not everything is identified, but then mysteries seldom are.


Georgia Slash PIne

Probably a Georgia Loblolly PIne

Pine Bark

Pine Bark


Oak Leaves

Cypress Trees at Okefenokee

Cypress Trees in Okefenokee

Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss up close

Spanish Moss in all its chaotic beauty

Morning on Peachtree Lake

Morning on Peachtree Lake



Flowering Dogwood flower

Fallen Flowering Dogwood flower

Unidentified, but beautiful flower at the edge of the golf course

At the edge of the golf course

Winged Elm

Winged Elm

Palm in Georgia

Palm and Sun

The sky through spanish moss

Spanish Moss sky

Georgia in passing - beautiful but fleeting

Georgia in passing – beautiful,  fleeting, and mysterious

all photos copyright

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