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On the Coast: Hummers, Trumpeters and Fox Sparrows

February 8, 2014

British Columbia is an amazing province. Here it is February, and while I am watching winter birds such as Northern Flickers, Song Sparrows and Siskins at my feeder in the Kootenays, my friends in Victoria are watching Allen’s Hummingbirds, Spotted Towhees and Fox Sparrows.

I recently made a sortie to the coast and took some photos. The Barred Owl that perched right above my head early one morning left no photos behind, but the Trumpeter Swans, Allen’s Hummingbirds, Fox Sparrows and a Bald Eagle were more considerate.

Allen's Hummingbird Male in Full Colour

Allen’s Hummingbird Male in Full Colour

Allen's Hummingbird Male

Allen’s Hummingbird Male

We won’t see Allen’s Hummingbirds when the hummingbirds return to the Kootenays because they are restricted to the coast. This male was busily feeding on insects in the bushes and showing off his pink brilliance.

Trumpeter Swans

Trumpeter Swans

Trumpeter Swans taking off

Trumpeter Swans taking off

Trumpeter Swans in Flight

Trumpeter Swans in Flight

We have Trumpeter Swans out here too. There were far more swans in the wetlands near Victoria. They are magnificent birds and any chance to see them is a gift.

Fox Sparrow in Victoria

Fox Sparrow in Victoria

In my experience Fox Sparrows are very uncommon in the Kootenays. This Victoria Fox Sparrow was a frequent visitor to the feeder and to the garden.

Coastal Bald Eagle

Coastal Bald Eagle

And a Bald Eagle, looking, no doubt for an easy meal among the gulls or dead fish on shore.

All photos and writing copyright J.A. Siderius 2014.

  1. I have not seen those here. Beautiful bird and picture.

  2. Hi Helga – I bet you see some of these birds out there.

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