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Solstice, Winter Wrens…and Mosquitoes

December 22, 2013
An uncommon still moment for a Winter Wren

An uncommonly still moment for a Winter Wren spotted this fall

Today is the shortest day – and the longest night – of the year. I feel these days in my bones, in my heart and soul – and definitely in my cold fingers and nose!

This is also a time when we of winter tell stories and defy the dark and cold with celebration, tales (true and otherwise) and share the warmth of fire and light.

We turn the corner tomorrow and welcome the longer days. I think of Winter Wrens now – those little birds that pop out of the brush to challenge any intrusion into their world. Their winter life is an intense race against the coming dark to find  insects in the bark, duff and evergreen needles.  Winter Wrens are a welcome companion to my winter walks and they are in my thoughts on this winter’s day. Summer memories of wrens and their young this summer in a dark little wood a-buzz with mosquitoes are one of my winter tales. I have posted some photos here. Perhaps the photos will awaken some of your own memories of hot summer days – and of buzzing mosquitoes!

Happy Solstice!

A fledgling wren waiting for more food

A fledgling wren of summer waiting for more food
A curious Winter Wren

A curious Winter Wren

All photos and writing copyright J.A. Siderius, 2013.

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