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The World At Night: Coyote Videos

November 11, 2013

Earlier this spring, I photographed a Coyote hunting ground squirrels in a farm field. But I also came to realize that Coyotes are quite common around my own home – and not just at night.

Leave? or keep hunting ground squirrels?

Leave? or keep hunting ground squirrels?


I have had trail cams posted around my home this summer and have upgraded this blog so that I can show videos. A Coyote came up the bank and spent quite a bit of time looking around before coming up.  It seemed to be very aware of the camera, even though there is no flash during the day. A Coyote seen in the day could be called bold, but this Coyote certainly showed a great deal of caution before coming out into the open.

The trail cam captured a coyote (the same one?) trotting along the edge of the bush during the day.

Coyotes love cherries, apparently.  This Coyote was gleaning cherries off the road. Several animals visited the tree for cherries this year, but the bears, unlike other years, did not take part. The bears were up top still feasting on the amazing huckleberry crop we experienced this year.

A White-tailed Deer was killed out back earlier this fall.  Several animals investigated the carcass – including these two Coyotes who came to investigate after a bear had removed the carcass. Were they watching and waiting until the much larger bear had left before coming in and investigating the leftovers?

A sole coyote returns to investigate the site where a deer was killed.

Very little remained of the deer carcass when this Coyote wandered by. It merited no more than a sniff or two before the Coyote moved on to find other food.


Two nights ago, the trail cam captured a Coyote very close to the house at the same time that Max, my large German Shepherd was tethered outside.  The Coyote came so close that it’s nose blocked out the video. Yikes!  I am always aware that there are Coyotes out and around but now I am standing there while Max is outside at night.  I may have a sneaking admiration for Coyotes, but I am under no illusions – they look at Max and see dinner.


All photos, videos and writing copyright Joanne Siderius

  1. I love the Coyote cam…fun to watch! They’re pretty sneaky.

    • Coyotes are very clever and able to survive, even thrive, around people. I like them, I just don’t trust them!

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