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Using a Remote Camera: Twins and the Coyote

August 11, 2013

I bought two remote cameras this summer to see who was using the yard while I was asleep or away. I have a predator electric fence around the garden and orchard. I was also interested to see if any bears would try to get the fruit inside.

I captured some interesting footage of a doe White-tailed deer and her fawns and one of the local coyotes.

I cannot post those videos on this site, but I posted them on the WildSafeBC Facebook page. I hope you enjoy them.

Doe and twin fawns

Doe and twin fawns

I have posted two videos on another site: one of the doe and her fawns and one of the most curious twin.  You can find them at WildSafeBC Nelson at the addresses below.



And the coyote videos at the same site:



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