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May 7, 2013

It seems like spring has barely begun – but some Canada Goose pairs are escorting young goslings already. I was watching an Osprey hovering over a stretch of water and then saw the geese and their goslings huddling tightly on the water. There are four goslings – watched by two very protective  parents.

Goslings can fall prey to Osprey, Eagles, turtles, and various other predators. These fluffy yellow birds have a long road ahead before they fly away with their parents in fall.

I know geese can make enemies easily.  They leave goose poop in inconvenient places, can be quite aggressive in defending their young and can be just plain noisy.  But I like them.  I love hearing them call in those beautiful “V” flocks and I like their general “pluckiness”.  And they are very picturesque.

Here’s hoping these goslings make it this summer.  They probably have a good shot at survival with two such protective parents.

Young goslings in tow

Young goslings in tow

The goslings I saw last year from the same pair?

The goslings I saw last year from the same pair?

Protecting the young goslings

Protecting the young goslings

all writing and photos copyright Joanne Siderius 2013.

  1. I love it! The other day, I saw two pair of Canadian Geese and at least 16 goslings….they were moving so fast I couldn’t count them all. 🙂

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