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Wilderness Icon: The Northern Loon

March 26, 2013

Early mornings on a mountain lake with fog drifting over the water are made perfect with the call of a loon. A loon swam over to get a closer look at Max and me as we walked along the shore last summer. It was one of those perfect moments I will always remember.

a beautiful bird on a beautiful lake

a beautiful bird on a beautiful lake

a curious Northern Loon on a mountain lake

a curious Northern Loon on a mountain lake

I have met other loons while I was canoeing. The wind was trying to steer me into the middle of the Kootenay River a few summers ago. I had seen a loon a few meters away but I lost track of it as I concentrated on staying close to shore. I looked down at my paddle just in time to see the loon swimming under the canoe – a very, very cool moment. I have seen loons with their young on their backs and I have seen them on their nests. They do not tolerate much human presence – especially motorboats. Large waves wipe out their shoreline nests. But there is still space for both loons and people and people are the better for that.

I may live where I see loons on the nearby lakes, but seeing or hearing a loon will always be very special to me.

all writing and photos copyright Joanne Siderius

  1. The only loons I’ve ever heard were those in the movie, On Golden Pond, one of my favorite movies. Loons are beautiful and I envy you living amongst them.

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