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The Return of the Killdeers – and a Wandering Blue Jay

March 16, 2013

Max and I had a great early spring outing yesterday. The Song Sparrows were calling and the Killdeers were back! They were on the mudflats yesterday calling and checking out great feeding sites. The Bald Eagles are still at the nest – hopefully they will produce young this year. Then I heard a loud squawking. It was a familiar call but I couldn’t quite identify it – and then I saw the bright light blue of a Blue Jay. It was flying noisily about in the brush but occasionally perched higher in the trees where I could get a better look at it. Blue Jays are not our resident jay but they do sometimes show up on this side of the Rockies – and this one was way off course. It seemed to be checking out the pair of Steller’s Jays that may be setting up a nest in the area. The Blue Jay eventually flew further off and stopped calling. I checked out the area near a bird feeder, but saw no Blue Jay. I wonder if it was heading this way or was in fact off course. I hope it finds safety, where ever it is going.

I have included some photos from our adventures yesterday. I hope you enjoy them.

Bald Eagle

on watch at the nest

The Killdeers are back!

The Killdeers are back!

sizing up the food supply

sizing up the food supply

Blue Jay - way off course

Blue Jay – way off course

cleaning up

The Steller’s Jay – our native jay

ready to start

ready to start

all photos and writing in this blog copyright Joanne Siderius 2013.

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