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Everybody Knows…

February 15, 2013
taking wing

taking wing

– just suppose

that Jesus wasn’t God
– just suppose
that what he did

You know-
feed the poor
treat others as he would be treated
give his life because it was the living that counted, not the dying
tried to make everyone participate in their own lives, their own salvation

– just suppose
we could do all that

You know
– be our own saviors and treat everyone as if they were our sisters (REALLY OUR SISTERS)

radical, eh?
cuz in the last analysis
-god or not-
he was right.

wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants?
no more sitting around praying to be saved

getting out there and
as if it mattered
as if living,
as if we
– could make a difference

Black Bear (paint effect)

All writings and photos in this blog copyright Joanne Siderius

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  1. What a scary world it would be…..

    • Yes, very scary. But the rewards…doing something that really scares me ends up being so energizing – or giving me something to regret. But at least I feel alive then. It is hard to try to stay feeling and alive everyday. I wish I were better at it….

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