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The Ermine – Short-tailed Weasel

January 12, 2013


I had not had my new digital camera for very long when I took these photos of a very curious ermine. I had been walking slowly towards a pair of very agitated Winter Wrens. I had told Max, my dog ,to stay as I edged closer to see what was going on (Max cooperated wonderfully on that day!). Wrens don’t sit still at the best of times and these two birds were flitting in and around a specific spot – over an ermine. The ermine poked its head out of a crevice in the rocks and stared right at me – and stayed right there for several photos. It seemed curious about me and was aware that Max was there too. It eventually took off and the wrens settled down. It was winter at the time so the birds had no nest to protect. Perhaps mobbing an ermine is always a good idea if you are a wren – and being curious is always a good idea if you are an ermine!

An Ermine in Winter

An Ermine in Winter

An Ermine - watching

An Ermine – watching

all photos and writing on this blog copyright J.A. Siderius 2013.

One Comment
  1. what a lovely creature, just a dear little face … so sad to think humans have killed them for their coats

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