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Common Redpolls

December 21, 2012
A Common Redpoll Feeding on Tansy Seeds

A Common Redpoll Feeding on Tansy Seeds

We had a major snow fall yesterday and I was able to go snowshoeing for the first time this year. A flock of redpolls were feeding on the seeds and insects left in a stand of Tansys. Tansys may be an invasive species here, but they certainly do add a lot of yellow into late summer and fall landscapes. And the redpolls, in their turn, add little bolts of red into a white winter scape as they feed on the dead standing Tansys. It is amazing how small shocks of colour stand out so vividly in winter.  Who named them “Common” Redpolls?   Common or not, I certainly look forward to the winter visits of these little tundra finches.

A Common Redpoll Feeding on Tansy Seeds

A Common Redpoll

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  1. Absolutely lovely photographs, the composition of colour, delicate plants and gorgeous birds reminds me of traditional japanese paintings. Lovely blog.

  2. Peter permalink

    This is the first year I have redpolls at the bird feeder, they come in a flock of 30 to 40 birds, nice to have something other than chickadees

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