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December 11, 2012

Some birds or animals typify the season: like the appearance of Trumpeter Swans. Hooded Mergansers appear in fall in some of the small ponds or shallower waters near Kootenay Lake. The males are gorgeous and they often put on vigorous displays to each other: tossing back their heads, puffing up their “crests” and chasing each other around the female. The photos here were taken in 2011, but the hoodies are back this year, biding their time until spring comes and they find mates and the females lay eggs and raise young.


I am watching the birds at my feeder this morning and watching two Mountain Chickadees feed on the sunflower seeds. This is the first season (of three) that Mountain Chickadees have turned up here. I also have a group of six Steller’s Jays that turn up. I love watching the birds that show up every morning. I am lucky: I can sit at the window with my early morning tea and watch them all come in. I have a predator electric fence around the orchard where I have put the feeders. We have bears in the area and they love to raid bird feeders – and the fruit on the trees. The electric fence keeps them away from the house – a happier situation for all!

Hooded Merganser Female

hoodie female

All photos and writing on this blog copyright Joanne Siderius

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